Exceptional homes are the sum
of many parts, all carefully
considered and composed.


Client focused solutions, achieved through close creative connection.


Our homes are the result of ambitious, creative investigation, a search for the supreme solution that honours the client and the unique qualities of their site.

Budget certainty is vital so cost analysis must integrate with design refinement. Once the balance has been found we progress with detailed documentation, obtaining all the necessary consents that ensure construction can commence.

Contractors quotes are sought through competitive tender and once the best firm has proven their worth we represent all client requirements to building completion.

Collaboration is the key to an accurate and engaging experience.


We provide a comprehensive service range from initial briefing, through to handing over your keys upon completion of the build.

The list below outlines the first step and how this typically evolves. This summary may raise further queries, it often does, so we encourage you to come by for a complimentary meeting to discuss your project vision.


Step one is a complimentary project review. We discuss your wider goals, offering practical high-level thoughts on how to achieve them.

Site opportunities, design options and our service range are all covered, so we understand your objectives and tailor an efficient fee proposal to suit.


We visit your site and assist in the refinement of your brief, obtain relevant property data and assess the target budget in relation to your requirements and constraints.

We resolve a project masterplan including scaled floor layouts,
cross-section schematics and build a preliminary 3D CAD model.

Our typical Masterplan fee is 0.5% of the target project budget.


With your input and feedback, we finalise a comprehensive concept design solution, delivering scaled floor plans and emotive perspective renders for an immersive CAD presentation of the refined proposal.

Our typical Concept fee is 0.5% of the target project budget.


With an approved concept in place, our detailed documentation service can now commence.

Working closely with you throughout, we continue developing the design, providing digitised CAD drawings to obtain independent costing of the projected build value. We manage the documentation process through all council approvals and resolve interior detail requirements for a complete construction package.

We procure the main contractor by competitive tender, then liaise, observe and administer your construction contract right through the building period until the quality focussed build completion is achieved.